Lobster 53, a misura di armatore

Tailormade for the owner – this is the projected mission for the most recent model of Rose Island. Due to its dimensions, this 53 foot vessel targets those who desire abundant spaces onboard without renouncing the pleasures of sailing their own boat. Its design philosophy is in line with that of Rose Island: water lines to cruise safely in any conditions and a layout capable of satisfying both the desire for the open air or comfort of below-deck living.

The hull is designed by Aldo Gatti. The required engine power is a remarkable 2 x 670 hpw for a maximum speed of 30 knots. However, aside from this cost-saving advantage, it is still possible to navigate with a “correct trim” at any speed, beginning with planning velocity of 11 knots.

The style of the vessel respects the biological design of Rose Island in which ergonomic space and elegant finishing eliminate unnecessary frills while holding on to luster and to every sailing necessity.

The deck is structured to accommodate all the diverse needs of life onboard. The cockpit is divided into two distinct areas, characterized by two levels and separated by the dining table bench. The section of the cockpit closer to the bow and slightly elevated, is reserved for relaxing and acts as an extension to the sitting room with which it is connected by a large sliding door.
The part of the cockpit closer to the rear and on a lower level is largely modeled for the helmsman to navigate and guarantees ease of movement and access to the most strategic zones like the bitt and the peak. The submergible rear gangway is a precious space for the most avid swimmers and serves as a platform to haul and to launch the tender. The large walkways around the deck make the passage to the bow, a favorite area for sunbathers, safe and comfortable.

The main deck is entirely occupied by the living room, where abundant light penetrates through the seven meters squared glass window surface. To the left lies the navigational tableau, to the right the kitchen with all white goods included to provide a comfortable journey and a dining table for six/eight people.
The night area includes three rooms, with a large master cabin and adjoining bathroom at the bow. The other two cabins, of identical size and dimension, can function as either double or twin rooms. Bed length is just shy of two meters and the narrowest single beds are 70 centimeters wide. The crewman cabin lies at midship, accessible from the right side of the living room entrance. Here, as in all the lobsteryachts, furnishings have been carved from massive pink cedar and veneers have been modeled from Kaya mahogany with maple inlays.