The story started at the end of the 20th century, when Fabio Rosa decided to recreate lobster yachts, the legendary vessels of Maine, as faithfully as possible. Faithful in terms of style, elegance, and, above all, seaworthiness, which is regarded as excellent by the most experienced of mariners.

Rosa & C, run by Fabio and Gabrio, is an established family business which is as solid as the iron which it uses, which communicates its rational and industrial sense, hard when necessary, yet caring, to Rose Island, which works closely with YDRA, - Yacht Design & Research Atelier. Ideas are accepted, the concepts are condensed and, above all, made possible and intuitional.
The two brothers are so convinced of the offspring of this union to register the name: Lobster.
Only they could give this name. After a few months, at the start of 2000 the first example was delivered: the Lobster 38.

Today, Rose Island has ten years’ experience and five models from 38 to 65 feet; it has its own design studio; a boatyard with its skilled workers; a new yacht arriving, the Lobster 53, to complete the widest range of genuine Lobsters in the world. In these years, over 40 vessels have been delivered. Water births, obviously.

It only takes a moment to say ten years, but to fully understand how much time has passed an anecdote could be helpful. The year 2000, in Europe, was still a war year. The winds of conflict which, during the final decade of the century, had blown across the Balkans, starting civil and ethnic wars, was starting to lose its strength. Then, in Iraq, the second Gulf War broke out. Yet, due to recent conflicts in Kosovo, even the southern Adriatic and the northern Ionian sea, off the coast of Albania, were still considered to be risky waters. So the Pathfinder 55, in order to reach Fano over land from Senigallia for the launch, had to include transport in a war zone to its insurance cover. Then the extensive economic crisis, still evident, which we aim to overcome, still investing, working solidly and supplying quality products, strong with the esteem of our clients and our suppliers.

It only takes a moment to say ten years, but looking back all the steps taken in these ten years are clearly seen. The amount of work which has been accomplished can be understood. The number of problems encountered and resolved. The number of lessons learned and errors unrepeated. It has been a gradual development, growth powered by the experience gained with each new model, each new owner, and each technological innovation which has arisen through research. The ability to predict the development of the market’s needs and requirements is also a distinctive factor. For example, the Pathfinder 58, a yacht launched in 2005, was the first model in a series made in Italy to boast more environmentally friendly design features, starting with consumption, without impacting performance, thanks to a round planing hull which is able to displace up to nine knots, and then plane from 11 to 20 knots.

Today this is how Rose Island presents itself to clients, friends, and admirers. With the strength of solid roots, able to nourish many yet to seed new flowers, with many well structured, strong branches, able to protect also the fruit which has already been harvested. It is, however, a tree which has grown with remarkable speed, to the rhythm of frenetic percussion: the pistons of the racing car on which the Lobster rose has been seen since its birth. The drivers in the colours of Rose Island, including Fabio, but above all Gabrio, have entered the Hall of Fame for classic endurance races. Also this has helped to create and reinforce the sense of team spirit so closely connected to the brand. In all this time every person involved, although it would be better to say implicated, in a company project has been part of a team. The engineer Aldo Gatti, who has always been the designer of our work, Francesca Rosa, present since the start, Stefano De Franceschi, head of production, captain and gentleman; Guglielmo Lazzara in sales, Marino Alfani, the young designer of the future who has found a second family in us and, recently, also the young Davide Rosa in production. All have shared ideas, experience and professionalism, increasing the whole group with their knowledge and the drive of youth: a priceless legacy.
With the year counter into double figures, the challenges change, but the goals remain. To give our clients a yacht and the pleasure of owning one. Nothing else.