Every child born of the same parents has the same genetic heritage, however different they may look. They may not even look related, but the chromosomal makeup is formed of the same building blocks. Therefore siblings have many characteristics which are shared, or even identical, even if, at times, they are not immediately obvious. The same is true for Rose Island yachts.
The size is unimportant, the type is unimportant, every model which leaves our workshop shares common traits with all the others. They have the innate seaworthiness of the noble craft which precede them. The inspired construction reflects the timeless craft which wrote maritime history. Every hull is designed firstly to navigate, and then to contain furnishings.
The Lobster is created on a planing hull, shaped to guarantee navigation with the same efficiency, both at planing speeds, which being around 11 knots, can be reached very quickly, and at top speed. This means being able to choose between a yacht with an enormous range, and another, capable of travelling at high speeds of up to 30 knots, both boasting the same seaworthiness. One variable: the throttle lever.
Our craft are focused on performance and consumption, developed by working on hybrid round planing hulls, such as that on the Pathfinder, capable of displacement at up to nine knots, and perfect planing starting from 11 knots, up to 20, to allow the owner to select the preferred navigation speed.
“I’m not afraid. You can see that they can’t hurt themselves on this yacht” It is said that this is how an owner replied to Fabio Rosa, when asked if she was concerned to see her children running around on a Lobster 65. This is to say that the other dominant gene in the Rose Island line is attention to safety. Not only of the vessel, which is certainly fundamental seeing as, when at sea, it is the yacht which looks after those aboard, but also of those who must stay aboard. Safety lines, handrails, walkways, illumination, heights, corners and materials. An example for all: on the Lobster 43 the side decks are over half a metre wide. Everything is designed to be where it is needed in the required quantity. Nothing more and nothing less. One of the goals of the Rose Island team has always been to make those who board their vessels feel safe. Above and under cover.

Safety which never compromises comfort.
The pleasure of sailing has its origin in the primordial decision to put two hydrodynamic supporting surfaces alongside a deep V hull, designed to cope with even heavy seas. This translates into easy sailing which is stable and never uncomfortable across waves. Yet however sweet, sailing is nothing without the space to enjoy it. This is where the design of the Lobster 43 comes to the fore, with at least ten square metres of cockpit floor space. Comfort which increases with increased footage and space to be shared and celebrated. On the Lobster 49, for example, in addition to the significant dimensions of the external spaces, the submergible aft platform can be added, giving even more space. The double cockpit, the flybridge, the submergible platform which is also able to accommodate a jet ski, the five refrigerators, and the 57 dB of the Lobster 65 represent the pinnacle of on-board comfort.

One owner, after the first few days sailing, commented “the interior gives a sensation of really experiencing the sea”. It seems contradictory to feel more open to the environment when enclosed, yet this is another trademark feature of yachts created in Chignolo d'Isola. They have been conceived for those who love traditional tastes, while being designed with contemporary criteria, using modern technology. The furnishings are hand made by skilled craftsmen, experts of Made in Italy, respecting the valuable materials used. First and foremost, no connection is made with an appearance which is not matched with equal intrinsic quality. The materials used include Honduras mahogany, depending upon market availability, or Kaya mahogany for the veneering. The solid wood is pink cedar, and inlays are in maple. The drawers are mounted on damped sliding runners and are fitted with mechanical latches and push-button handles. The flooring is in 110 mm wide maple inlaid mahogany. To create a healthy environment, protecting guests on board from any allergies, carpet is not used, while the style of the furnishings is complemented by panelling in mahogany with inert ivory coloured laminate coverings or inserts. The headlinings are finished in eco-leather. The 70 gloss varnish respects the colours of the natural materials used, and guarantees the sought after colour effect.
The production cycle does not include inferior quality materials or plastics which simulate wood, or wood composites made with polymer resins. These choices, together with careful design and skilful execution allow the owner to experience not just the antique scent of wood, but also to appreciate the delicate imperfections of a material which is natural and, even when worked, alive.