Lobster 43

The latest addition to Rose Island boats targets those who will be attempting their first cruise. It remains loyal to its classic image while simultaneously modern in its functionality and complete in the unmistakable Lobsterboat attention to the sailor’s diverse requirements: open deck space for the days spent out at sea with ample internal living space for the hours of rest.

With ten square meters of walking area in the cockpit, its dimensions place it at the forefront of most thirteen meter long vessels, its functionality evident even in the half-meter long deck passages. For the joy of sunbathers, the upper front deck provides sufficient comfortable space for two adults to recline in the sun.

Below deck, the aim was not to skimp on space in order to accommodate more guests. Two cabins alone are provided but with comfort in mind. The master cabin enjoys two separate bathrooms, one with toilet, the other with shower. In addition, the guest cabin has its own bathroom. As is customary of the Rose Island shipyard, the furniture is all made of massive pink cedar while the veneers are made of Kaya mahogany with maple inlays, carved exclusively by our skilled Rose Island craftsman. The living area is illuminated by the more than five meters squared glass surface that covers it and includes a sofa and dining table for six people. It also boasts an entertainment unit, complete with a TV pop-up feature that hides the kitchen when not in use. Finally, there is plenty of storage area in the form of drawers, counters, and pantry shelves for the longest and most demanding of voyages.

The hull of the Lobster 43 maintains and, in fact, represents the main element of a Lobsterboat: a deep V-shape with supportive hydrodynamic chines to withstand the toughest sea conditions and to offer a pleasant stop at anchor even on those days when the sea’s turbulence makes sailors feel like masters of the waters. Finally, attention to the environment is not absent from the Lobster 43, evident in the reduced consumption of fuel. Test results have indicated cruise ranges of around 500 miles to 2073 liters of fuel.